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NFS Connectivity Software Solution for Windows NT,98,95

Gateway to the UNIX Environment

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For Windows NT/98/95
Omni-NFS Enterprise
Omni-NFS Server
Omni-NFS/X Enterprise
Omni-Lite NT
Omni-VT420 Terminal Emulation
Omni-Print LPD/LPR
Omni-Tar Backup
For Windows 98/95
Omni-Lite 98/95 NEW Release
Omni-NFS 98 NEW Release
For NT Server
Omni-NFS Gateway NEW Release
Omni-NFS DualGateway

NFS Product Update new! June99

New Release! (June 99)
Omni-NFS Gateway / Dual Gateway
V 4.1 for Windows NT

Omni-NFS Gateway and Omni-NFS Dual Gateway get a big boost in performance and reliability. New features include;

  • Support for Microsoft OPLock (Opportunistic Locking) to improve Microsoft Network file system performance, a first in the NFS industry.
  • File Change Notification.
  • Data Conversion between DOS and UNIX.
  • New Advanced Caching scheme with OPLock support.
  • Other enhancements and updates.
  • FREE UPGRADE for current users.

Download Now and see for yourself. (Jun. 99)

New Release! (June 99)
Omni-NFS 98 V6.02 and
Omni-Lite 98 V6.02 !

Omni-NFS for Windows 98/95
and Omni-Lite both get a functionality enhancement including Advanced Caching module update as well as other improvements.
Upgrading to the new Omni-NFS 98 V6.02 and Omni-Lite 98/95 6.02 is completely FREE! for current users.
Download Now and see for yourself. (Jun 99)

Current NFS Package Promotions

Omni-NFS Gateway
new release!
Free 1-Year Maintenance Package
Omni-X - X-Server / X-Windows. Student & academic institution only $69.00*
Omni-NFS Server $99.00*

*US Only Price

NFS Product for Windows NT,98,95


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Download Free, Fully-Functional Demo Here!

United States Department of Defense Chooses XLink NFS Solutions

Various branches of the United States Armed forces utilizes XLink's NFS Client/Server and NFS Gateway solutions for integrating their Windows and UNIX machines.
The application of XLink Omni-NFS software packages encompasses the US Navy, Air Force, and Army as well as the US Department of Defense offices. Even the US National Guard elects to deploy XLink's full range of NFS Software solutions. (June 99)

For NFS Printer, Windows - UNIX bi-directional printer sharing. Click me!
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