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reasons on why to choose xlink for your network connectivity needs

Why Choose XLink Technology, Inc. For Your PC NFS and Network Integration Needs?

  1. Software Is Easy To Use.
  2. Competitive Pricing.
  3. Comprehensive Technical Support.
  4. Consulting and System Integration Resources.
  5. One Stop Solution Shop.
  6. You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It.

Software is Easy To Use.

XLink's no-nonsense attitude towards our Omni-Series PC-to-UNIX connectivity software is probably one of the biggest reasons why many of our customers choose XLink.  While others fluff up their packages, we simply focus on making sure that it works and works well for our clients.  By utilizing simple point-and-click install shield procedures and setup wizards for our entire product line, you can setup your whole entire network in just minutes after obtaining the product. 

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Competitive Pricing

"Best Bang for the Buck" is what one of our clients stated referring to our product line.  We offer our whole entire line of products at such a competitive rate that no other competition has dared to ever come close.  What really baffles them is the fact that the software is not only extremely economical, but the quality and functionality is just as good, if not better, than the rest of the competition.  As a matter of fact, we even have special discounted pricing for clients switching over to our products from our competitors.  Existing customer also receive major discounts for upgrading their current copies regardless of how old the copies are.

So bottom line is this, best price in the industry without compromising quality and support.  Compare us and see for yourself.

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Comprehensive Technical Support.

Because of XLink's competitive pricing, one may fear that technical support is compromised.  However, we feel that technical support is what actually makes a software, such as ours, complete.  We understand that not everybody is an expert in PC-to-UNIX connectivity, and sometimes, despite the simplicity of it all, problems may arise.  That's where we come in.  The XLink philosophy behind our product line is that when a customer or client purchases a product or is even considering using the product, tech support should be readily available to help the transition into using our product as smooth as possible.  Even if it means taking you by the hand and helping you install the product step by step, our tech support department is ready to take the time and do so. No problem.

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Consulting and System Integration Resources

Because of XLink's Partnership Alliance Link (PAL) program, a program consisting of a network of consultants and system integrators, we also provide consulting services outside of our scope to cover the entire networking industry via our partners in the PAL program.  By working closely with these partners, not only are we able to provide PC-to-UNIX solutions, but we are also able to provide our clients a venue to any solution through our PAL global network of IT experts. Although XLink does not directly profit from referring you to a networking expert, we believe that in order to be a true one-stop-shop for networking solutions we have to also help provide access to the rest of the networking industry solutions.

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One Stop Solution Shop

Every try to look for a network solution and find bits and pieces of it strewn over different companies? Well, we at XLink are constantly working expanding our "shop" more and more everyday.  As it is, our clients find that XLink offers the most comprehensive solutions around.  Not only do we offer comprehensive solutions but we provide it full suites or modular packages which allows our clients to pick, choose, and customize their own solutions.  If customizing is not your cup of tea,  full solution packages are available as well.  And with the inclusion of our PAL program network of system integrators and consultants, XLink is truly a one stop solution shop for network connectivity.

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You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It.

After all is said and done, one may still have reservations as to whether or not XLink is your answer, so don't take our word for it, check out who is already using our product.  Find out why Fortune 1000 companies world-wide use our product and why so many of our clients come back time and time again for their network solutions.  You will find that after using our product and services that seeing AND believing.

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