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Who's Using
XLink's Products?
     Time  to   time,  when  searching  for  the  right product for your network, the question  will  arise, "Who  else  is  using   the  product?".   Well,  we  here  at XLink Technology, Inc. understand that it is just as important that you feel right about the product you choose for your network as well as the product just working. We've listed just a few of our clientele as well as a few responses about the products themselves.


      "...this product is powerful enough for any
       organization   working  under    the  UNIX
- L. Marcano
   Operations Manager
   Sistelec Voice Systems


    "...not   as fancy as most, but it doesn't use
      up  all the  resources either...and it simply
- Dr. Utzinger
   University of Texas-Austin


    "So far, the Omni-NFS Gateway has been  
      working  almost  perfectly...this  is   an
      excellent product
- W. Birriel
   Digital Links Inc.


    "We have decided to go with your software
      because of the prompt and useful technical
      support.   The  [XLink's]  eagerness   and
      expertise to help is very much appreciated
- D. Lorber
   Molecular Pharmacology and
   Biological Chemistry
  Northwestern University
  Medical School
Shell Services

AT & T Bell Labs

Cornell University

Dept. of the Air Force, San Antonio

Environment Canada

Federal Express


Hughes Technical Services Co.


Litton Guidance & Control Systems

Lockheed Martin Telemetry & Instrument

Lucent Technology



MIT Lincoln Lab


NASA Ames Research

Pacific Bell Internet

Princeton University

SANYO, Japan

Siemens Corp.

Silicon Graphics


Stanford University


Motorola, Inc. Malaysia
Motorola, Inc.
Mercedes-Benz of Germany
Fujitsu of Japan

All names and logos are registered Trademarks of their respective companies and owners.

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