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XLink IsaStor Series Series

Since the turn of the century, XLink� commits to developing various web related software solutions with the goal in mind, to simplify and increase productivity and performance of web related applications. XLink� is determined to implement the same philosophy and beliefs that made them successful today, to their new phases of developments. Like their Omni-Series� Products, IsaStor Series™ will also provide a total software solution, instead to your internet needs.

ISA Sentinel - Internet Security and Acceleration

With countless firewall systems available on the market today, XLink ISA Series is by far the most complete and user friendly. ISA Sentinel™, the firewall component in IsaStor ClusterBalancer offers both you a choice between internal and external protection for your network. Internal Protection will be provided for your network if you choose to install ISA Sentinel™ on your router or gateway. It provides you with countless scenarios, which one better fits your network environment? We design ISA Sentinel™ with one goal in mind : to reduce and simplify the system management workload, without compromising on standards or  performance.

By installing ISA Sentinel™ on all of your individual machines, you have the option of protecting both your external and internal environment. 

External : ISA Sentinel™ installed on your router and gateway protects you from external elements that may wreak havoc on your network. Its IDS system will automatically detect harmful elements and prevent them from entering your network. 

Internal : With ISA Sentinel™ installed on each individual machines you double your protection. Now not only are you protected against outside elements, you are protected from internal elements as well. Along with this functionality, you have the choice and protection that larger corporations have. You are getting a complete and very sophisticated enterprise software firewall at host base (personal) firewall price.

ClusterBalancer (ISA Duo) - Secure Clustering for small businesses

Integrating the robust, but simple to manage security services of ISA Sentinel, the new ClusterBalancer (n�e ISA Duo) cluster software adds resilience mechanisms for workgroup / small business unit servers :

Web Log Analyzer
User Authentication
IP Delivery
Policy Mgmt

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