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ISA Duo Clustering Software (now ClusterBalancer)

ISA Duo ™ clustering software with failover function makes Web Server load balancing a breeze...

Available for small-medium size businesses is ISA Duo™ bundling a cluster and firewall protection software for Windows 2000/NT. It provides easy installation and absolutely no network reconfiguration required. ISA Duo™ supports user defined servers along with both web/FTP servers. Similar "software clusters" and network firewall protection that has helped large corporations succeed in the past is now available for everyone at a low cost.

Clustering services

The clustering part of ISA Duo software allows two computers running Windows 2000 or Windows NT server to share TCP/UDP traffic loads. By combining the resources of two computers into a singles cluster network, ISA Duo can deliver the reliability and performance that web servers and other mission-critical servers need with its load balancing, failover, failback, and data synchronization features.

Use scenarios for ISA Duo

Load balancing

The load balancing feature of ISA Duo Distributes incoming client requests to the primary server in the form of TCP or UDP traffic to the secondary server according to the load percentage configured. All configurations of the load balancing feature is performed on the primary server. 

More info on ISA Duo load balancing

Failover / Failback

Failover feature allows the load from one server to be automatically transferred to the other server if one of the servers should break down without disrupting the client side. 

When the failed server is restored, the service or application the client is using will automatically rebalance the workload in the cluster. This automatic return to your original state before the server failed is called a failback. 

More info on ISA Duo failover / failback

Data synchronization

Lastly, the Data Synchronization feature will enable the modified data to automatically be transferred to the secondary server when maintenance or configuration need to be performed on the primary server. Duplicating data to the secondary server for load balancing purposes provides hassle free configuration to the whole network.

More info on Data Synchronization

Firewall services

Firewall protection is the other part of ISA Duo that sports a robust set of firewall features that can compete with most security products on the market today. 

Classic firewall protection

ISA Duo offers out-of-the box support for detecting, preventing, and alerting you to several attack types, including Windows out-of-band (e.g. WinNuke), Ping of Death, Land attack, SYN flood.

Some of the features in the firewall include intruder detection system (IDS), policy-based administration, remote configuration, and port scanner

Intruder detection system (IDS)

Intruder detection system (IDS) provides complete and automatic intruder detection scheme to keep any abnormal activities away from attacking your clustered servers. All intruder patterns are pre-defined and some of them can be configured to react accordingly with the action level. You can even set the intrusion notification to be delivered to you via e-mail.

More info on IDS

Distributed management

Another important feature is the policy-based administration that allows the administrator to pre-defined policy rules based on client IP, client protocols, schedules, and client targeted ports. Express setup is also available for non-technical users to define simple rules towards well-known ports. Policies set on each server are independent from each other. With the remote configuration feature, the administrator can perform all the configuration on one computer.

More info on remote configuration


ISA Duo also offers an unique utility called the port scanner that allows you to detect open ports on your system. The detection can be scheduled at specific intervals or to be run as one time incident.

More info on utilities

Data sync
Load Balancing
Failover / Failback
Cluster scenarios

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