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An 2000 Maintenance

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Year 2000 Compliance Statement

This statement will certify that all Omni-Series software developed and released by XLink Technology, Inc. conform to the Year 2000 criteria.

Because the products have no inherent dependencies to date or time, neither performance nor functionality of XLink's products will be affected by dates or times prior to, during, and after the year 2000.


GRENCUBE.GIF (241 bytes) No value for current dates will cause any interruption in operation.
GRENCUBE.GIF (241 bytes) Date-based functionality will behave consistently for dates prior to, during, and after the year 2000.
GRENCUBE.GIF (241 bytes) In all interfaces and date storage, the century in any date is specified either explicitly or by unambiguous algorithms or inference rules.
GRENCUBE.GIF (241 bytes) Year 2000 is recognized as a leap year.
GRENCUBE.GIF (241 bytes) XLink shall not be responsible for Year 2000 compliancy problems due to hardware or software conflicts from other companies.

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