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An 2000 Maintenance

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XLink Software Maintenance Program

XLink's Maintenance Program offers you substential savings on future upgrades on any newly purchased product from XLink!  Ask your XLink's Sales representative about how the Maintenance Program works, and its availability.

As a member of MP, you are entitled to:

  • One year of  all version upgrades for the same product with no charge.

  • Free, dedicated Technical Support

  • Free *Platform change upgrades (* only valid for Win 95 to Win 98 upgrades)     

  • Direct access to the updated package.  No forms to fill out.

  • Member-Only area dedicated to provide you with upgrading information.

     If you should have any question related to this program or have any suggestion, please feel free to e-mail:
     To join the program, pleas call XLink Sales Department, or e-mail:

    If you are a MP member with a valid password, you may click on Member Only icon to access the MP members only Area.  If you are a member but does not have a password, please click on Get Password icon.

Member Click here!       Get MP Password


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