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dataWeb - TurboDB components

Why a Desktop Database?

Even in the times of increasing use of database servers, desktop database engines are still the better option for many use cases because:

  • They offer a simpler programming model
  • Customers do not need to buy, install and  maintain a database server
  • Faster data access (as long as number of users is low)
  • Data modifications are reflected instantaneously to other users
  • Much less requirements in terms of disk space and memory, ideal for small devices like PDAs and mobile phones

Replace the BDE

The Borland Database Engine (BDE) has served us well for many years but now its time has come. Its too big, its too Slow and its too complicated to install. Borland still delivers it with Delphi and C++ Builder but has finished actively supporting it. There is no BDE for Kylix and developers whether they want to port to Linux or not, are forced to think of an alternative solution, with dbExpress only providing a lower level of functionality than the BDE.

TurboDB Engine

dataWeb has a 10 years experience on desktop database engines and is committed to deliver excellent solutions for current software development environments. We believe that an up-to-date database engine must:

  • be so simple to use, that you wont think of not using a database
  • offer additional functionality like full-text indexing or encryption
  • not need any special installation requirements
  • run from a compact-disc
  • be available on different platforms
  • integrate seamlessly in your IDE

TurboDB Engine is the database engine that powers our development tools since 1990 and Is available for the Borland programming languages since April 2001. It has been used by ten thousands of developers and has been still improved over the years.

One of the remarks most often made by customers is "I like it", This is because TurboDB is just the install-and-go no-problem database engine you want. And it has additional features that our competitors dont have.

Cross-platform Development

File formats and your database code for TurboDB is 100% compatible across platforms. This makes TurboDB your best choice, if you are planning to port your BDE-driven Delphi or C++ Builder program to Kylix or if you want to create a cross-platform application.

Full-text Search

Many types of applications profit from a non-structured searching capability. TurboDB full-text searching capability is built on an indexing algorithm which creates a database table of keywords and a many-to-many relationship to the data table. This means you can full-text search your table in milliseconds not only by the special full-text search methods but also with standard SQL statements.

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