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dataWeb TurboDB Components features

IDE Integration

For Delphi, Kylix and C++-Builder developers, TurboDB comes with a set of four first-class data access components. The components are closely modeled after their BDE counterparts to ease migration from the Borland database engine.

In addition, TurboDB includes a visual database management tool - TurboDB Viewer and lots of components and property editors for your convenience. With the BDE conversion wizard you can convert BDE tables within seconds.

Unique ADL Technology

If you want to, TurboDB creates an automatic  primary key for you and uses special table columns for one-to-many and many-to-many relations. This makes working with linked sets of database tables much easier and faster and adds object-oriented features to your relational database.


Database Engine

  • Multi-user access
  • Same file format for Linux and Windows
  • Up to 62 tables open
  • Up to 16 indexes per table
  • Up to 1000 columns per table
  • Up to 2 000 000 000 rows per table
  • Encrypted database tables
  • Memo and blob fields
  • 32-Bit Integer field
  • Datetime field
  • Auto-increment field
  • Link field for implementing one-to-many relationships
  • ReIation field for implementing many-to-many relationships
  • Full-text indexes for fast full text searching
  • No configuration/installation required
  • Table format compatible with TDB for DOS 5.5, Visual Data Publisher 3.0, and dataWeb Builder 2.0..

Common Components in Standard and Professional Editions

  • Identical use in VCLtDeiphi and CLX/Kylix
  • Table component derived from TDataSet for compatIbilIty with all data-aware controls and components
  • Table component supports methods, events and properties of TTable, Iike SetKey, Lookup, Locate, Exclusive, ReadOnly...
  • Table creation and altering at run-time using CreateTable and AlterTable
  • BatchMove component supports methods, events and properties of TBatchMove like Mappings, Execute.
  • BatchMove imports from different text files, TurboDB files and dBase files
  • BatchMove exports to different text files, TurboDB files, dBase fiIes and XML files.
  • BatchMove imports from any data set, e.g. BDE data set, ADO data set, dbExpress ...
  • BatchMove supports modes of BDE like Append, Copy, Update, Delete, AppendUpdate.
  • Database component to replace TDatabase and TSession
  • Password dialog support in database component.
  • Reestablishing of lost database connections

Professional Edition components:

  • Query component derived from TDataSet for compatibility with all data-aware controls, and components
  • Query component supports methods, events and properties of TQuery like SQL and ExecSQL.
  • SQL dialect supports SELECT with GROUP BY and HAVING, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT with subselect
  • Query can produce live result set

Requirements / Compatibility

  • Delphi 4 Standard or higher,
  • Delphi 5 Professional or higher,
  • Delphi 6 Professional or higher.
  • C++ Builder 4 Standard or higher,
  • C++ Builders 5 Standard or higher,
  • Kylix 1 Desktop Developer or higher
  • Kylix 2 Desktop Developer or higher

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