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Depuis le 01/01/02, les gammes LittleBrother et ISDN Accountant ont été remplacées par Superscout et Cyberpatrol, toutes éditées par SurfControl. En attendant la mise à jour des pages LittleBrother sur www.osinet.fr, contactez-nous pour toute question sur ces produits, ou consultez les informations tarifs SuperScout en ligne. La gamme CSM Enterprise, qui subsistait en 2001 a également été remplacée.


Expanded reporting capabilities make it even more effective for Enterprise users. New maintenance policy makes on-going support much more economical

August 10, 1998 - Milpitas, California  -- Phil Lumish, Vice President of sales and marketing for Kansmen Corporation today announced Version 3.0 of LittleBrother, the most widely recognized software product for Internet and World Wide Web site monitoring and blocking. The newest version of LittleBrother has been designed in response to the increasing number of corporations that are now using it for managing their network and Internet resources.

"We believe that the market for controlling and managing Internet usage is going to dramatically expand in the coming year", Mr. Lumish stated. "There are market indications showing that where we once were getting most of our sales from education and government, we have now seen the pendulum swing to the point that corporations represent over 50% of our monthly sales activity. In addition we have also seen an increased number of large users starting to integrate LittleBrother into their Internet management environment. In the past 4 months we have sold licenses for 30,000, 18,000, and 5,000 user accounts with many more in the pipeline," Mr. Lumish said.

Version 3.0 has added the following new features:

  • Web Browser Access for reporting purposes. As more and more companies use their browsers for business purposes this capability has become almost essential.
  • 500,000 Site Database. This is growing on a monthly basis and is updated through direct activity on Kansmen's part, as well as input from clients.
  • Exportable Access Log Database to several general formats. This permits customers to add LittleBrother's information to Human Resource reporting, accounting information, etc.-
  • Improved reporting capabilities. This includes the ability to sort reports generated by LittleBrother, thereby giving management the flexibility to create the information in the form and format they want.
  • Kansmen has also added several new reports, based on specific customer requests, to LittleBrother including:
    • Categorical breakdowns/Traffic Types
    • Access Log
    • Summaries by time of day, users, or sites
    • Exception Reports for blocked users

LittleBrother is available directly from Kansmen or through a number of resellers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Pricing ranges from a low of $295 for a 10-user version to $10.50 per user for a 1,000 license agreement. Site licenses are available for even larger networks.

Over the past 6 months, LittleBrother has had a substantial acceptance in the market, partly due to Kansmen's maintenance policy. The company's pricing and support policy automatically gives every corporate buyer of LittleBrother the newest versions of the software, plus all database upgrades for the 12 months succeeding the initial purchase, all at no additional cost. This maintenance policy has recently been modified to make it even more attractive to corporate buyers. The new policy is:

For a one-year renewal at any time during the 12 months from the time of purchase the cost is 20% of the initial license fee.

  • For multi year renewals, up to a maximum of 3 years, at any time during the 12 months from the time of purchase the cost is 15% of the initial license fee per year.
  • For a one-year renewal, ordered and billed at the same time as the initial license, the cost is 15% of the initial license fee.
  • For multi year renewals, up to 3 years, ordered and billed at the same time as the initial license, the cost is only 10% of the initial license fee per year.

Version 3.0 of LittleBrother is shipping now.

About Kansmen: Kansmen Corporation has been supplying network and Internet management software for the past 6 years. Since 1995 it has been offering a range of specific products to increase the functionality of certain communications environments and to increase network efficiency and productivity. Kansmen has been selling SyncComplete and TrendComplete to users of Novell's Managewise to provide additional reporting capabilities. ISDN Accountant has been sold to companies that are using ISDN for their Internet access to improve the efficiency of their networks. Since its introduction to the market, LittleBrother has been mentioned in various media over 200 times with coverage in CNN, local radio and TV plus virtually every trade publication.

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