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NFS Client & NFS Server for Win 3.x

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for Windows 3.x
......US $129   
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(Price listed is limited to US customer ONLY.   Prices subject to change without notice)

Omni-NFS for Windows 3.x provides the most complete NFS client and server solutions for PCs running Windows 3.1 & 3.11. Runs over Microsoft Windows TCP/IP-32, Novell TCP/IP, Trumpet TCP/IP and other TCP/IP stacks. Features included are NFS client & server, NFS Printer, FTP client, LPD/LPR, VT420/320/220 terminal emulation, Remote Backup, RSH and more.

Component List

  • NFS Client
    NFS client enables you to access UNIX resources, share files, and expand PC's logic's disk capacity.
  • NFS Server
    NFS Server allows you to work in Microsoft Windows while sharing your drives(hard drives and CD-ROM) and Printers on the network in a place which is accessible by other users.
  • NFS Printer
    NFS printer allows you to work in Microsoft Windows while printing your files on the network in a place which is accessible to other applications and environments.
  • FTP Client
    FTP client allows users to simply transfer binary and text files and directories between a PC and a remote computer.
  • LPD printer server
    LPD accepts print jobs from many host or users on the network, queues these jobs and sends them to any locally attached printers.
  • LPR printer client
    LPR allows local PC files to be printed on remote printers. XLink's LPR provides the users with easy use and configuration. Users can print the jobs through LPD server just by using click & point.
  • VT420/320/220/100 terminal emulation
    Full featured terminal emulation program which allows you to connect and communicate with hosts that support VT420, VT320, VT220, VT100, and VT52.
  • Tape Backup with Tar
    Backup and restore using UNIX tape and floppy drives from Windows.

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