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Depuis le 01/01/02, les gammes LittleBrother et ISDN Accountant ont �t� remplac�es par Superscout et Cyberpatrol, toutes �dit�es par SurfControl. En attendant la mise � jour des pages LittleBrother sur www.osinet.fr, contactez-nous pour toute question sur ces produits, ou consultez les informations tarifs SuperScout en ligne. La gamme CSM Enterprise, qui subsistait en 2001 a �galement �t� remplac�e.

Schedule of site database updates

The site database is updated twice per month and released on the 1st and 15th of each month.

How to get the site database update

You can request the site database update by emailing us at newdb@littlebrother.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Serial number (you can get serial number from the about box, select menu item "Help\About klb…")

We will give you instructions on getting the site database update either automatically through LittleBrother or downloading from the Web.

Site database update won't overwrite your own changes

Note that the new updated database from LittleBrother Software will not overwrite your own classification if you have changed and added new sites. Your classification is saved separately and always takes precedence over the standard site database from LittleBrother Software.

How to take our site database warranty offer

To take advantage of our site database warranty, you can email us your site database (klbdbase.rtu) to rating@littlebrother.com. The site database is the file named klbdbase.rtu and is located in the same directory of the LittleBrother program.

Once we receive your site database, we will classify those unknown sites. We will combine them with our own newly classified sites and put them into the new site database update. You will then receive them later in the site database update.

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