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  • 01/01/01 : les fonctionnalités LittleBrother 4.0 sont désormais reprises dans Superscout, qui remplace la gamme LittleBrother. Plus d'infos.
  • LittleBrother 4.0 est dorénavant disponible en version production ! Le programme de bêta-test est dorénavant clos.
  • LittleBrother 3.2 est toujours disponible. Obtenez-là dès maintenant pour évaluation.!
  • Les clients disposant d'un contrat de maintenance peuvent recevoir les nouvelles versions en nous envoyant leur identification, incluant leur numéro de série LittleBrother.

Honneurs presse

PC Computing PC Computing - 08/99 "LittleBrother is better for smaller networks..... It costs less and is easier to use out of the box."
NY Times New York Times Magazine - 04/07/99 "...LittleBrother doesn't just alert managers if their employees visit illicit Web sites - it blocks those sites entirely leaving employees with all of the punishment and none of the fun."
Network World - 25/05/98 "Kansmen's LittleBrother is the best integrated and most polished package..."
Awarded "The Best of LANTimes" - 29/09/97 "..we found it effective and reliable." "..excellent solution for any organization"
PC Week - 09/06/97 "LittleBrother Pro the better choice..." "excellent..."

Clients Little Brother

"LittleBrother has enabled our school system to turn our kids loose on the Internet without fear. We haven't even had to block sites. Just the idea of being monitored keeps most from straying onto questionable web pages. The daily summary report of 'who went to what site and for how long' is invaluable in enforcing our acceptable use policy. LittleBrother is a solid, dependable product and all who see it are simply amazed. It's the best product of its kind on the market today."

George Ruehling, Glynn County Schools

"Little Brother immediately started monitoring all of our sites and within 10 minutes we had 3 occurrences of kids going to naughty sites. I am pleased to say those kids have been disciplined accordingly."

Greg Bond, Scott County Schools

"We have been using Little Brother 2.0 for about 2 months and have been very pleased with its performance. The blocking does a very good job and the reporting is excellent."

Ronnie Miller, Seminole County Schools

"I can only spend 15 minutes a day reviewing LB and feel secure that my boss's LAN is being used appropriately and that bandwidth and computer resources aren't being wasted."


"LittleBrother has helped our company effectively monitor Internet usage, block access to undesirable sites, and report utilization to department managers. It has become an important tool in implementing and enforcing our Internet usage policy. I recommend this product to any harried IS or network manager who needs a quick, cost-effective and easy way to monitor their Internet connection."

Allen Wright, Protel

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